Booking sessions with an

Apprentice Instructor

is a great way to try Gyrotonic Exercise and discover its many benefits at a

significantly lower price

than working with a Certified or Senior Instructor.  

To become an apprentice instructor, Brittany first  completed 136 hours of combined classroom and hands on training with a Master Gyrotonic Instructor. She then began student-teaching in the studio to complete at least 60 hours of teaching before being able to take an Apprentice Review, which consists of another 48 hours of hands-on training with a Master Gyrotonic Instructor.  Brittany completed her Apprentice Review several months ago.  In July she will complete another 24 hours  of certification training with a Master Instructor after which she will have earned her certfication. 


So if you are healthy overall, with no major pain issues or injuries* -- working with an apprentice may be the ideal way to become familiar and introduce yourself to Gyrotonic Exercise at a greatly reduced price.  Don't miss the opportunity to work with Brittany before she becomes certified in July and fees for her services increase!

(Please note that individuals with major musculoskeletal dysfunction issues, chronic pain, chronic injuries or are transitioning from physical therapy /rehabilitation must work with

either a Certified or Senior Instructor.) 


To view pricing on sessions/classes with apprentices, 

click on the "Prices" tab in the menu

at the top of the page.


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