Become a Certified, Licensed, Rapid Results COVID19

Testing Agent or Testing Center 

Here at 5th Line we have a collaborative mindset, not only within our studio, but with other businesses.  We all have our specialties but do we know about one another? If we knew one another, could we create a network where we could all collaborate  -- whether it be giving clients who need referrals to others we know can help them, sharing ideas or being sounding boards for each other?   


We are working hard to do just that.  One of the things we have that we can share with other business owners, or representatives within their organization, is the ability to get trained and become certified, licensed COVID19 testing agents themselves. The process is simple, and only takes about a week to complete. 

Would being able to test your own staff and/or clients for COVID19 and get results in 24 hours be a benefit to you?  if so, contact us! 

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