Bio Testing Labs' RT-PCR Saliva Test

As COVID19 cases continue to rise globally, fast and accurate SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic testing is undoubtedly essential. While multiple forms of testing are available, clinics continue to rely on real-time RT-PCR nasopharyngeal swabs, despite their low sensitivity, risk to healthcare workers, and global shortages of swabs and PPE. Alternatively, the use of saliva as a diagnostic technique for SARS-CoV-2 is promising, as it requires minimally invasive collection, can be reliably self-administered, and provides comparable sensitivity to nasopharyngeal swabs.
Bio Testing Labs’ Saliva RT-PCR test is the next step toward accomplishing our vision of returning the world to a level of normalcy through properly utilized testing strategies. Our extraction-free protocol, paired with readily available reagents and collection devices, allows us to offer a quick turnaround time and easy-to-collect test that requires saliva only — no swab needed.


No swab or special saliva collection device is required. We only require a sterile collection container.

Turnaround Time

By removing the extraction step from PCR, we are able to eliminate the bottleneck that delays results.


We make tracking patients samples easy, and automate the mandated governmental reporting requirements to make placing orders and tracking results easy.

Fast, Accurate &

Reliable Testing Solutions

Curious as to what makes our saliva test so much faster than other PCR tests, and how we are able to provide such a quick turnaround time?

Watch this brief video: 

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