COVID19  Policies and Procedures

We have implemented the following studio policies and procedures to support your health and safety in response to COVID19, a disease caused by the virus known as SARS-CoV-2.  

These policies and procedures all meet and in some instances, exceed Center for Disease Control guidelines.

Symptoms Checklist

Symptoms of COVID can vary widely from person to person, and some people may be totally asymptomatic.   In general, however, if you do experience symptoms of the SARS-CoV-2 virus they will generally appear anywhere from 2-14 days after contracting it.  Therefore, the best place to start is by asking yourself if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit or chills

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

  • Fatigue

  • Muscle or body aches

  • Headache

  • New loss of taste or smell

  • Sore throat

  • Congestion or runny nose

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Diarrhea

Other considerations are:

  • Have you traveled outside the U.S. recently?

  • Have you been in contact with anyone who tested positive for the virus and was it within the past two week?


IF you answer yes to either of the above two questions or have any of the symptoms listed (especially a combination of one or more)

within 36 hours or more of your session/class at 5th Line,

please let us know immediately and we will discuss whether we need to cancel or reschedule your class or session. 


IF you experience the symptoms above,

it is less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled class or session; and you must cancel your appointment

 you will not be charged for your missed appointment AT THAT TIME,


 that you obtain and provide proof of test results within 3 days of your cancelled appointment. 

 If you test positive for the virus within those three days, any standing or future appointments will all be put on hold and the time will be opened to other clients until you are able to show proof of negative results. 

Only then will you be allowed to return to the studio and your standing / future appointments put back on the schedule.)


 If you do not provide test results within three days of your cancelled appointment,

you will be charged the full price for your missed session or class.




Number of People Allowed In The Studio At Once

We only allow 10 individuals, inclusive of instructors, to be in the studio at the same time.  If the studio is being shared, we will maintain as much distance between each staff / client pair as possible. 

Restroom And Changing Facilities

There are separate men's and women's restrooms just down the hall from the studio. The men’s room has one large stall which can accommodate a wheelchair or walker, and one urinal. The women’s room has two stalls, one of which can accommodate a wheelchair or walker.  The studio does not have any changing area, so please plan to arrive in the clothes you will be working out in, or change in the restroom.  Please see FAQ section on our website under the “Studio” tab in the menu at the top of the web page for appropriate clothing and prohibited clothing.

Equipment and Studio Sanitization

Each machine is at least six feet apart from any other machine, if not more; therefore once you are on a machine you can be assured you will have the appropriate social distance from the person next to you.  Any piece of  equipment used during an appointment or class will be cleaned prior to the next client using a 70% alcohol solution.  Wooden parts of the machine will be cleaned with a disinfecting  solution of tea tree oil, soap and water (alcohol is too harsh on the wood portions of the equipment and leads to damage).  Light switches, door knobs, benches, cubbies, counters and the ledge are disinfected with a 70% alcohol solution frequently.  Fabric straps will be cleaned in a UV Light Sanitization Unit in between classes and appointments. Floors are swept and cleaned with a cleaning solution frequently. 

Personal Effects

Please bring only the minimal personal items necessary into the studio with you as storage space is quite minimal.


Entering the Studio

We have a small waiting area, but it is open to the studio.  We therefore ask you arrive no earlier than 5 -10 minutes prior to your class or session in order not to cause disruption to the client or group of students finishing their session.  You will see a sign on the door stating “No Street Shoes Allowed Beyond Blue Floor Tape”, and an area outlined on the floor with blue tape.  This is our waiting / sanitizing area.  There are 12” x 12”cubbies to put your personal effects in (please bring only minimal personal items as the cubbies are not very large).  Once you have put personal items in the cubbies, please remove your shoes and store them under neath a bench rather than in a cubbie. 


Upon arrival, you are more than welcome to enter the studio, sanitize hands and feet (see below) and wait on a bench while the previous appointment or class is ending.  For those concerned about social distancing, when an appointment or class ends and you (or you and your classmates) switch places with those ending their session, it may be somewhat difficult to keep a 6 foot distance between everyone. If you are uncomfortable with the proximity of those around you as the change-over occurs, you may step out and wait in the hallway, however; please note that upon re-entry into the studio you will need to re-sanitize your hands and feet. 


The most recent laws mandate that masks are not required in public places,  therefore, we will not require you to wear a mask at any time while in the studio, although if you would like to wear one, you are perfectly welcome to do so.  We are supportive of your choice either way according to your own comfort level.  That said, we also ask you respect  the fears some have of everyone being unmasked and that  if you notice someone wearing a mask, you would kindly attempt to maintain social distance and perhaps temporarily put a mask on until you and the masked person can have appropriate distance between you.  Again, we are supportive of your choice to make decisions about your own health. 

Temperature Readings

We will take your temperature with a touchless, electronic thermometer.  If your temperature is greater than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, we will have to cancel and reschedule your appointment and as stated above, you will be required to get officially tested and show negative test results for the virus before we can allow you back in the studio.

Hand and Feet Santitization

 GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods of exercise as well as Pilates exercises are most often performed barefooted in order for the client to receive the best bio-mechanical feedback.  We therefore have you sanitize your hands and feet with the spray bottles on top of the cubbies containing water and tea tree oil -- a natural antiseptic and antiviral oil.  Wash cloths are next to the spray bottles in the basket.  If you spray the floor while washing your hands or feet, or drops of tea tree oil drop, please wipe it up with the towel you used to dry your hands and feet.  If you would rather use your own sanitizing gel or wipes, you are welcome to do so.  You may dispose of your used wash cloth in one of the black, plastic receptacles on either side of the two benches.  If you used a sanitizing wipe of your own, please do not throw it in the towel receptacle -- they are for towels and wash clothes only and are not trash cans.  If you need to put something in the trash, there is a trash basket with a liner in it just inside the closet area.

 Socks and Gloves

As previously stated, our methods of exercise are best performed without sock or gloves.  If you prefer to wear socks you may do so as long as they are socks that are clean and and/or have not been worn except to the studio.  We highly recommend socks that have “sleeves” for each toe (similar to gloves for the hand).  Socks that also have non-skid applications on the bottom are strongly encouraged as our floors are wood, and without the non-skid applications your feet will tend to slide, making some of the exercises difficult. We do sell these socks made especially for GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Exercise, Pilates and yoga for sale in the studio.

Although the equipment is sanitized between each class and client, if you are not comfortable touching the equipment with your bare hands you may request a pair of our light weight, knit gloves which have been UV light sanitized. 


As previously described, all equipment used during a session or class is sanitized in between the next appointment or class.  When your class or appointment begins, if there is not already a pair of UV Light sanitized straps on your piece of equipment, you will be given a pair of sanitized straps as soon as they are finished being sanitized and shown how to attach them to your machine.  


If you will be working on the non-vinyl Gyrotonic bench near the far wall of the studio, a clean, white towel will be given to you to put on top of the cloth bench.


When we lie on our backs with feet in straps, if you need a pillow(s) under your head to make you more comfortable, please grab a blue towel from the ledge behind the machines and place it on top of the pillow(s).  If you know from experience you don’t need or want to use a pillow, please do not use a blue towel as it will save us from a lot of unnecessary laundry!


At the end of class, you will be responsible for cleaning only the vinyl covered parts of you machine and any other small equipment you might have used such as the lollipop back rest, balls, foam pads, etc. using the spray bottles on the ledge which contain 70% alcohol, and the blue hand towel you used on top of your pillow.  (If you did not use a blue towel over a pillow, please ask for a small, white hand-cloth to wash your machine with.) 


If you do accidentally get some of the spray on the wood, PLEASE WIPE IT OFF AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. 


After you have washed your machine and any small equipment such as a ball, foam roller, etc.,  you will be instructed to take the straps off your machine and hand them to your instructor for cleaning in the UV Light Sanitizing box.  You may discard all of your towels used during the class or your appointment in any of the black receptacles in the studio.

Your instructor will use a special solution to clean the wooden handle pieces of each machine.

Hands-On Guidance by the Instructor

The Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis and Pilates methods of movement are inherently best taught with hands-on guidance from the instructor.  If you feel comfortable with the instructor touching you to guide you without gloves, please let them know (they will have sanitized their hands in between clients).  If you would like hands-on instruction and guidance but do not wish to be touched by the instructor with their bare hands, you may request the instructor wear a pair of sanitized, knit gloves.  If you do not wish your instructor touch you at all during the session, please let them know so they may respect your wishes and verbally instruct you only.

Instructors will not be required to wear masks throughout the duration of the session or class they are teaching, unless they choose to on their own.  We will have masks which we can slip on quickly and easily for those who want hands on instruction, but are concerned about the instructor not wearing a mask.  After the instructor has assisted you, he or she will be free to remove their mask once again.

We are excited to be able to serve our community and bring the very best in mind-body fitness to you while taking reasonable and responsible measures to ensure the safety and comfort of our clients.  As the COVID / SARS-CoV-2 situation changes, so may our related policies and procedures. 

No matter what may happen, you can be assured we

will always have your best interest in mind.

If any of our protocols or procedures change with regard to this virus, our clients and subscribers will be notified via email ASAP.

5th Line Movement and Fitness -- A Safe, Healthy Place To Be Where You Can Find Your Best Self!

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