Rapid COVID Testing at 5th Line -- Results in 24 Hours

Rapid COVID19 TESTING is available in the studio for our clients

and instructors


We are excited and proud that our studio is an approved and licensed Rapid COVID19 Testing Center

for our clients and instructors.

This is a service

no other studio in San Antonio

is able to offer!  


 But Wait, It Gets Even Better!

We Can Also Teach and Train Other Business Owners

 and /or Their Representatives 

 To Become Certified, Licensed COVID19 Testing Agents Themselves!

Please see bottom of page for more details.

How Are We Able To Do This?

5th Line's owner, Jenny Roberts, is extremely blessed to know Dr. James Strader, renowned worldwide as one of the leading doctors studying and overseeing testing practices for COVID as well as other immunological diseases.

Dr. Strader developed and patented a simple, extremely reliable, saliva-based, COVID Test kit and graciously afforded Jenny the opportunity to be trained as a licensed provider and administrator of his test kits.  Jenny has undergone HIPPA and OSHA training as well as training from his company, Bio Testing Supplies.  Official certificates of her training and status as an approved, licensed provider and administrator of these tests will be on the wall of the studio.

Jenny is currently the only licensed COVID test provider, however, in the future, we hope to get our other two instructors, Yuki Casso and Brittany Finley, licensed as well.  Jenny will be self-testing using these kits on a weekly basis.  Other instructors working at 5th Line will be encouraged to test on a frequent basis too, but not required.  Our clients may test on a weekly basis using these kits as well, again at no out of pocket expense to them!  Testing will NOT be mandatory for anyone.  We are simply affording this extra service and opportunity for our clients to know that our instructors are testing themselves on a regular basis, and affording clients who would like to test themselves on a regular basis an easy, convenient way to do so.


We hope offering this service will give our clients reassurance we are doing everything possible

to make all clients feel safe and comfortable in our studio.

Testing Protocol, Setting Up A Personal Account, Obtaining Results

Prior to beginning the test, you will scan a special QR code Jenny has (see picture at right) with your smart phone.  The QR code identifies who the person is providing the test to you, that they are, in fact, a licensed provider of Bio Testing Supplies, and opens a new patient portal directly with Bio Testing Supplies.

As stated, the test is a simple, saliva-based test in which the person being tested fills a small tube with saliva while in the presence of the licensed provider.  It normally takes a person anywhere from 5-15 minutes to fill the tube to the appropriate level (this can be hastened by having the person being tested smell something that they like which induces salivation).    

You will create a username and password, enter your name, address, means of contact, answer a few questions, then take a picture of the front and back of your insurance card, and the front of your driver's license.  If you do not have medical insurance, you will enter your social security number instead.


 You can set up your account in just a few minutes prior to collecting your saliva sample.  Once you have done both, you will leave your sample with Jenny in the studio.  It will be sent via overnight mail to the lab in Houston and your results will be available to you through your portal account within 24 hours.  For more information on Bio Labs and the actual testing procedure click here.


 Teaching and Training Other Business Owners How To Become Certified, Licensed COVID19 Testing Agents

Jenny is excited not only to be able to get 5th Line's other instructors trained to be certified, licensed COVID19 testing agents; but is willing to teach and train other business owners and/or their representatives to also become certified, licensed COVID19 testing agents for their businesses. The process is simple, and only takes about a week to complete. 

If you are or know of a business that could benefit from being able to provide rapid COVID19 tests by theselves with results in 24 hours, please have them contact us! 

We are blessed to have the opportunity to serve our community,  bring the very best in mind-body fitness to our clients, and offer a service that goes beyond just what the law requires or any other studio can provide in order to ensure the safety and comfort of our clients. 

As the COVID / SARS-CoV-2 situation changes, so may our related policies and procedures. 

No matter what may happen, you can be assured we

will always have your best interest in mind.

If any of our protocols or procedures change with regard to this virus,

our clients and subscribers will be notified via email ASAP.

5th Line Movement and Fitness -- A Safe, Healthy Place To Be Where You Can Find Your Best Self!

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