Schedules And Booking Classes or Appointments

Welcome, we have been waiting for you and are excited

to get you booked for your first appointment or class! 

Please read these pointers

designed to help you understand and navigate the system

before you click the button at the bottom of the page to see our schedules and book appointments and classes!

Because we are in a new location with lots of new clientele, the weekly class schedule is very fluid and adaptable right now.  It is a "guesstimate" at what people want and when.  Currently, all but one of the classes listed on the schedule are GYROTONIC® Classes.   Of the classes that are on the schedule, only a few are “permanently” on the schedule because clients specifically requested them. 

Therefore, if you do not see a class on the schedule on a day or time you would like, please let us know!  We may very well be able to add a class or change a class that is already scheduled on the day /time you are interested in to something else


The same holds true for Appointments (private or duet lessons).  If you would like to take a private or duet lesson, but there is already a class scheduled at that time, again, please contact us.  We most likely be able to accommodate you!  

Purchasing New Client Offers (Introductory Offers)

To purchase a New Client / Introductory Offer, begin by clicking by clicking "Store", then "Introductory Offers" BEFORE you book an  appointment(s).  If you book an appointment(s) first, then purchase an Introductory Offer afterward, the Introductory Offer will not be applied to the  appointment(s) you booked!

Other Purchases and Bookings

For all other purchase and bookings, the order in which you book book your class(es) and/or appointment(s) versus purchases made in the "Store" does not matter.  If you choose to book first, all purchase options will be shown to you near the end of check-out.  However, for overall planning purposes if you would rather look at all purchase options for a class(es) or appointment(s) before booking, click on "Store" and peruse by "Classes", or "Appointments" -- which are private and semi-private (duet) lessons.  

Your Profile

After clicking the "Schedule and Booking" button below, you will be connected the the software we use for our scheduling and booking which is called "'Wellness Living".  The first thing you will be asked to do is create your personal profile.  It will take about 5-10 min. and consists of 3 steps: 1.) Completing a brief Intake / Health History, 2.) Reading, initialing and signing our Terms and Conditions, and 3.) Putting a credit card on file. After completion of those three steps,  anytime you access your profile you will:

  • Be able to purchase special offers, discounted packages, or single appointments or classes one at a time.

  • Receive confirmation and reminders about scheduled classes/appointments.

  • Cancel and reschedule classes/appointments.

  • Receive notice about an addition, change or cancellation of a class or appointment.

  • See all your purchases and how many visits you have remaining in any package you have purchased.

  • See your attendance history and upcoming classes and/or appointments you have scheduled.

  • Receive information about special events, and much more.

Using Smart Phones or iPads

On the go? Download the WellnessLiving Achieve App via one of the following links:

Please Note: This Achieve App is limited -- it does not give weekly or monthly overviews of the studio's schedule or instructor availability like the web-based version you will be redirected to when you press the "Schedule and Booking Login" button below..  The app will allow you to see instructor availability on a day-by-day basis.  Therefore, if you want to see all classes offered or instructor availability for the entire week or month, you will need to use the button below. (We recommend saving a shortcut to the web-based version in your web browser -- even on your iPad or phone in addition to downloading the Achieve App) so you always have the option of flipping back and forth between whichever is easier for you to use. If you are only interested in private or semi-private (duet) lessons, the Achieve App is very easy to use right away.

We understand an online schedule and booking system may take some people a little bit of time to acquaint themselves with,

but it will make your ability to book and control your schedule much easier and faster, and free instructors

up more to teach – which is what they do best – as opposed to completing administrative tasks. 

If you do have any trouble, please do not hesitate to call or text us at 210-501-5204. 

We will happily walk you through it step-by-step just as soon as we can get back to you

All of us here at 5th Line Movement and Fitness look forward to working with you

and having you be part of the start of something new, truly unique and wonderful here in San Antonio.

Let your new adventure into spiraling, arching, curling and feeling things you've never felt in your body before begin!

Ready ... Set ... Go!

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