Scheduling And Booking 

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A few things to help you before you begin ....


There are 3 steps involved when scheduling and booking a session or class, or purchasing discounted package of lessons online: 1.) Choosing a service or package, 2.) Information Input, and 3.) Confirmation.


If you want to book yourself for a class and it is your first time taking a class at our studio OR you are currently taking a class at our studio but are looking at different dates and times that class is offered, PLEASE do not book online -- call us instead.

The reason is that we need 3 people to book a class if we are to offer it.  If we only have 1 or 2 people sign up for a class we cannot offer it.  We show all available times we could offer classes on each instructor's schedule, but that doesn't necessarily mean the class is actually occurring at that time.  If we do not currently enough people to actually offer the class during the instructor's listed times, please let us know and we can try to see if any other clients would be interested in starting a class at that date/time.   

After confirmation, a scheduled appointment notice will be sent to the email you input in step 2 along with a receipt.

Accepted Payment Methods