This is a 55 - 60 min. cardio conditioning class designed to give participants a fun, safe and effective workout.  It is advised you bring a NON-BREAKABLE water bottle containing only water, as there is only one drinking fountain.  If you a heavy sweater, please bring a small towel.  Please be sure to wear appropriate workout clothing: a supportive bra (if applicable); tshirt or tank top (no 1/2 shirts or sports bras worn without a tshirt or tank over them); jogging pants, yoga pants, leggings, shorts or anything that you can move comfortably in (if wearing shorts please ensure shorts are worn such that no unwanted body parts are visible when performing kicks or knee-to-chest movements).  Sneakers are mandatory.   

In additon to classes and privates at the studio, we also offer 2 FREE CLASSES PER WEEK at Woodlake Baptist Church (in the bigger buiding) located at  6980 Woodlake Club Dr.  (just about a mile from the studio).  Modifications will be taught, so anyone -- from beginning exerciser to advanced, young to old -- can participate.  Both men and women are encouraged to attend.  Participants must be 15 years or older.  There is no childcare provided.  No registration is required for either class -- just show up 5-10 min. before class and be ready to have a good time! 

 Fridays, 3:00pm "Stretch and Relax" 

A 55 - 60 min. class consisting of dynamic stretching as well as static stretches held for longer periods of time.  You are encouraged to bring your own mat (however, mats are available for those who cannot) and a NON-BREAKABLE water bottle filled with water only.  Please be sure to follow the same guidelines with regard to attire as detailed for the Tuesday class, being aware that most of the class will be conducted on the floor.  Shoes are not required for this class -- in fact participants will be encouraged to go barefoot for better proprioceptive feedback with regard to movements  and to allow the entire body to work in an uninhibited manner.  

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