Mission and Core Values

The Mission of 5th Line Movement and Fitness is:

  1. To give people in San Antonio the opportunity to experience movement and fitness in ways they may not have.

  2. To help people realign, rebalance, rebuild and renew the body so it operates at it most efficient state of being.

  3. To help people feel and learn how to be present in the moment with mind and body completely connected.

  4. To help people feel and learn how to flow -- energetically, mentally, physically and spiritually the way we were designed to be rather than  fighting, trying and striving to get through life.

  5. To help people prevent injury, recover from injury, and reach peak performance – whether that be in a sport or activity or just performingand feeling their best in everyday living.

  6. To build a community where all different types of people are welcomed, accepted and genuinely cared for.

  7. To give fitness professionals the opportunity to learn and work in a collaborative, healthy, vibrant, supportive environment where they can truly become the best at what they do.

The Core Values of 5th Line Movement and Fitness are:

  1. Our business is founded on Christian principles.

  2. We work with integrity and honesty in all we do.

  3. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, creed, political views or sexual orientation.

  4. Instructors put the needs of the client above individual self-interests.

  5. We expect open and honest communication between and amongst the owners, instructors and clients at all times.

  6. Others are always treated with respect and dignity.

  7. We foster an enjoyable, collaborative, supportive, healing, and inspiring atmosphere for instructors and clients.

  8. We understand people are wholistic beings – where there is no separation between mind, body, spirit and soul – and that in order to help     people truly find joy, feel safe, heal, and reach their highest potential,  all of these aspects of their being must be taken into account together when they are in our studio, whether they are owners, instructors or clients.

  9.  If and when we make mistakes, we admit them, ask forgiveness, and do what we can to make things right.

  10. We do not hold grudges, judgement, bitterness or unforgiveness toward others.

  11. We are open to new ideas and perspectives and try to remain as flexible as we can while holding to our core values and running a sound, effective business.

  12. We believe listening to what others have to say is important.  And while we may end up agreeing to disagree, we have truly endeavored to hear and understand what the other person is communicating.

  13. We do not gossip between or amongst owners, instructors or clients about owners, instructors or clients.

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