Myofascial Release

What is fascia and what's so important about it?

Fascia is the tough, continuous tissue structure that extends three dimensionally like a web from the top of our head down to the feet. With it’s fluid matrix, it constitutes the immediate environment of every organ, system, tendon, nerve, muscle, etc. of the body down to, and possibly beyond, the cellular level. It is responsible for shape, resistance to injury, and protection of all structures we normally consider in the body, and thus it’s importance in our health and the function cannot be understated. Repetitive stress, trauma, chronic inflammation, surgery and injury

as well as habitual posturing, can result in a dehydration of the fluid environment of the fascial system. This may lead to a progressive binding down of tissues that normally glide and support, pulling tightly into regions distant from the initial area of injury, impacting function at many levels.

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What is myofascial release?

Myofascial release is the skilled application of gentle, sustained pressure into these restrictions, leading to a release of the three dimensional barriers within the body. This results in restored length, elasticity and mobility of the tissues that can be felt immediately. Balance is promoted within the body beyond the visible structural level, and a removal of the “straight-jacket” feeling that so often limits us as we move through our day to day lives is experienced. As the health of this system is restored, pressure on pain sensitive structures is reduced, range of motion improves, compression around joints lessens, muscles find a new resting length, and an improved transport within the body of energy/information, hormones, toxins, etc. occurs. Space and balance is what the body strives for, especially after injury and damage; this can be re-established, often resulting in lasting changes in even chronic pain and problems.

You can learn to release your own fascia!

Gyrotonic and Movement Center of San Antonio has partnered with Hargroder Physical Therapy to offer workshops designed to teach you techniques you can use to help release your own fascia.  The workshops will be taught by licensed therapists trained in the John F. Barnes Method of myofascial release (JFB MFR). Workshops will be offered on a quarterly basis and space is limited so don't wait to sign up.  Each workshop will last 2 hours.

About Hargroder Physical Therapy

Hargroder Physical Therapy was established in 2001, offering physical therapy treatment by a team of  therapists who believe in the body’s capacity to heal, utilizing a comprehensive Myofascial Release approach.  Hargroder Physical Therapy is the only physical therapy practice in the San Antonio area dedicated to providing fully hands on, one-on-one treatment utilizing a comprehensive Myofascial Release approach (MFR). The practice specializes in women's health, acute and chronic pain, and neuro and orthopedic challenges for those of any age. Their team of therapists integrates over 30 years of physical therapy experience, and views every treatment as an opportunity for continued growth and learning, both for our patients and ourselves.  


“We believe that healing is more than about simply feeling better…it is about truly getting better.


— Dianne Hargroder, PT, LMT

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