New Client Forms

There are 5  forms all clients must complete prior to their first session at the studio:

  • Client Intake Form

  • Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk Form

  • COVID19 Policy and Procedure

  • Anti Harassment Form

  • Scheduling, Booking, Cancellation, Rescheduling and Credit Card Authorization Form









For your convenience, each form is provided below in both a Microsoft Word document format and in Adobe Acrobat format (you do not have to fill out forms in both formats, only the one for which you have software and is easiest for you to complete).  In order streamline processes and in an attempt to move to a paperless environment we ask, if possible, you fill out the forms soft copy and

return them via email to

prior to your first session.

Right now , because we are close, but don't quite have our on-line scheduling and booking software live on-line, emailing the form with your credit card information back to us  is not something we expect due to security issues and lack of encryption via open internet email.  So please call the owner, Jenny at 210-501-5204 and provide that information to her over the phone and she will input it directly into the system which automatically encrypts the information.  Please still bring the form with you to your first session, though so we have a record that you read the entire Scheduling, Cancellation, and Rescheduling and agreed to it.

If, for some reason you are unable to compete and return the forms via soft copy and choose to print the forms and fill them out by hand, please be sure to bring all 5 forms completed and signedwith you to your first session. 


Please realize, if you wait to bring the forms into the studio with you on the day of your first session, the time it takes the instructor to review the information on the forms and input the information into our computer will, unfortunately take time out of your session and you may only get 3/4 or only 1/2 the session of exercise you expected.

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