New Client Intake and Waiver Form

Below is our intake and waiver form which all new clients must complete prior to their first session at the studio.  You may fill out the form in soft copy or you may print a hard copy to complete by hand.  Regardless of which method you choose, you will need to print the form as there are two places for signatures and we do not yet have proper encryption allowing you to virtually sign the soft copy.

Once you have completed and signed the form, you may scan it or take pictures of both pages and email them to


you may simply bring your completed, signed form with you to your first session.

If you choose this second option, please remember to bring your form with you to your first session, because if you don't we will need to take time out of your session either at the beginning or at the end to complete one, and that's just no fun for anyone.

Thanks and we'll see you soon!