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Moving into our new Alamo Heights and ready for business in 10 days!

We will be teaching at our new location, 4900 Boadway St., in Alamo Heights as of May 17th!

Attached are a couple of pictures of the building from the outside facing Broadway Street, the exterior entrance to our suite, the suite itself, and a floor plan showing our area of the building. 


We will be in suite #600 -- the first space on the right of the pink box at the top left of the picture floorplan labeled "exit".  The wall that bisected the space, which was mentioned here a few week ago has now been removed.  Our studio is now one big, open, sunny space to explore movement in.


There is a bit of ongoing renovation, however that will be finished soon  Once complete, the men's and women's restrooms, located right next door to the studio in the hallway, will be completely renovated.  A drinking fountain is located next to the restrooms. 

There is also plenty of parking in the lot right behind the building and additional parking across the street behind Le Madelaine restaurant.

Attached are a few picture of the outside of the building, the floorplan and updated pictures with no wall!







exterior view looking down      toward b
Floorplan mod.jpg

Entrance from Terrell Road

5.5.21 studio pic.JPG

Looking back toward the entrance of the studio from the other end of the room with windows.

5.5.21 studio pic 2.jpg

Opposite view, looking into the studio from the entrance to the suite

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Apprentice Instructor getting certified in July!

Brittany Finely has been working the capacity of a Gyrotonic Apprentice at 5th Line for the past several months.  She's got all of the teaching hours under her belt that she needs to take the test and is waiting patiently for July to come, at which time she will complete 3 more days of coursework  and earn her certification as a bona fide  Level 1 Gyrotonic Insstructor. Whoop - whoop!! 

In the meantime, Brittany continues to work in the studio at the apprentice level fee, which is much lower than what we charge for working with certified teachers. 


When we open the doors to our new studio on May 17th, unless you are currently in a physical therapy program, are  just being released from physical therapy and/or rehab,  and have no chronic pain issues or illnesses; I  highly recommend you take advantage of the lower rates for Brittany's services while you still can.

New Studio Rates Available Online

As we prepare to move to our new location on the 17th I have updated our pricing list. 


Rate increases will be a necessity (I know, "Boo! Hiss!") We try not to raise prices if we can help it, but moving into our new space and all the added costs associated with doing so make the slight increase necessary at this time. 


However,  being able to view them prior to implementation so you know what to expect, figure out what fits your budget and plan accordingly should help ease the transition.  Plus, you are all going to be so in love with the studio, you will agree it is well worth it, if not for the location alone!  You know the saying, "Location, location, location." 


So get ready to have easy, convenient access to the only place in San Antonio where you can get this kind of mind-body exercise.  


To view the new rates, click on the "Prices" tab on the menu at the top of the page and choose "Prices After May 17th".  

Online scheduling and booking system to resume after our move.

During the next month I will be re-implementing the on-line booking system where you will be able to see every instructor's available hours for each day; book private sessions and classes yourself (even see how many people are currently in a class and "jump" into one last minute if there is an opening); purchase pre-paid discount packages and gift certificates; and much more.

Not sure what to give someone for their birthday, as a way of saying thank you, or as a gift for the Holidays?  Wonder no more, and give them a Gift Certificate for Gyrotonic lessons and the opportunity to experience freedom to move in ways they have never had before!


Not only will you be giving them the gift of health and vitality, you will be giving them a unique gift that until now, has never been taught in San Antonio.  

Gift Certificates can be purchased in any dollar amount and used toward any private Gyrotonic session, or if available, Gyrotonic group class.  Just give us a call and we will have your Gift Certificate sent electronically to the recipient with any special note you may want to include

What could be easier?


 They can can be purchased in any dollar amount and used for private sessions, duets and group classes.

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