Studio News and Updates

We have moved into our

new Alamo Heights location! 

We are in our new studio located at 4900 Broadway St., Alamo Heights, TX. 78209.  Although the address says Broadway St., the entrance is actually on Terrell Road on the side of the building. Below are a couple of pictures of the entrance to our area of the building from the outside (standing on Terrell Road and looking down the hill facing Broadway Street.) 


We are in suite #600 -- the first suite on the right after you enter and pass through the entry area and enter the hall.  The pink box at the top left of the floorplan labeled "exit" is  the entrance off of Terrell Road. mentioned above.  You will see our studio, suite 600, is the first suite to the left after you enter.


There is plenty of parking in the lot right behind the building and additional parking across the street behind Le Madelaine restaurant.

I've also included a couple of pictures of the inside of the studio.  It is a bright, sunny space with an airy feeling -- a perfect space to explore new and unique movement methods.

We hope you will visit us soon and join us in the newest, most unique, mind-body method of movement available in San Antonio.

Apprentice Instructors are now all certified!

Some exciting news to share -- 5th Line's  Apprentice Instructors are now Certifified Instructors! 


Brittany Finley (who has been working as a GYROTONIC® Apprentice with 5th Line for the better part of last year); and Kaylie Caires (who was about to begin working at 5th Line as a Gyrotonic Apprentice when COVID19 hit, but plans to return to 5th Line to teach in a few weeks) both spent the second weekend of July in  Boulder, Colorado taking their final certification classes and are now both Certified Level 1 Gyrotonic Instructors.

Brittany's and Kaylie's Certification Graduation Photos

Yuki Casso, who has been working at 5th Line as a Certified Gyrotonic Instructor and Apprentice GYROKINESIS® Instructor just returned from Boulder, CO on July 20th as a fully Certified Gyrokinesis Instructor.

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exterior view looking down      toward b
Floorplan mod.jpg

Entrance from Terrell Road


Yuki's Certification Graduation Photo Coming Soon!

Becoming either a Certified Gyrotonic Instructor or a Certified Gyrokinesis Instructor takes about a year and a lot of commitment:  216 hours or more of hands on "classroom" training by a Master Instructor and at least 60 hours of Apprentice teaching.


Please be sure to congratulate them on their accomplishments when you see them in the studio next. If you want

to read more about their qualifications and work experience,

click 5th Line Instructor Pics and Bios.

ToeSox and Studio Apparrel

We are now an official supplier of the original ToeSox brand of "finger socks for your toes".  With anti-slip grip on the bottom and an array of styles and colors to choose

from, we know the minute you see these things

you will want a pair for yourself! 

And men, we did not leave you out -- we ordered several pair of no-frills, straight-up black, ToeSox for you too! 

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 They can can be purchased in any dollar amount and used for private sessions, duets and group classes.

Not sure what to give someone for their birthday, as a way of saying thank you, or as a gift for the Holidays? 

Wonder no more! 

Give them a Gift Certificate for Gyrotonic Exercise, Gyrokinesis Exercise, STOTT PILATES® lessons or any combination thereof from 5th Line.  You'll not only be giving them a unique gift of health and wellness brand-new to San Antonio, but you will also be giving them the opportunity to experience the joy and freedom to move in ways they have never had the chance to before now!  

We are also going to be running our first real order of 5th Line shirts. Our initial order will be 12 shirts for inventory. Below are a couple of samples of what the design and working on the shirt will look like and how colors will be slightly adjusted to match the color of the shirt.  


Once we have picked out styles (yes, we will have ladies' cuts as well as tank tops) we will provide color options for you to choose from so you can put in a special order for yourself or as a gift for someone else. Otherwise we will just pick a variety of styles, sizes and colors for inventory and see what sells.  Having your input as to what you might like (even if you aren't going to put in for a special order) would be much appreciated and will help us get the right kind of inventory.  That way, when you just can't stand it any longer and have to purchase one yourself you'll know we will have one on hand you would like and you won't have to wait until we make the next inventory order. :)


We will let you know more after we receive pricing details and shirt options from the screen-print shop, but estimated cost for shirts sized S-L will be around $20-$30, and an extra $4 will be added for every size up from a large. 


Let the rest of San Antonio know you are thankful and happy you are to be among the first people in San Antonio

to have experienced this unique, mind changing, body changing method of movement! 

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