Studio News and Updates

We are still open in our original location and teaching both private Gyrotonic lessons as well as group Gyrotonic classes!

Yes -- we are still open and teaching at our original location in Converse.  We have established and are practicing  very safe, effective procedures to address COVID19 and to avoid the spread of the virus.  For more information, please click on the "COVID19 Policies and Procedures" tab in the menu at the top of the page.

We do still plan to open a downtown location sometime in the Spring or Summer of next year ...  but until then, you can still come to experience the freeing, healing Gyrotonic Method of Movement in an environment you can trust to be safe for everyone. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Not sure what to give someone for their birthday, as a way of saying thank you, or as a gift for the Holidays?  Wonder no more, and give them a Gift Certificate for Gyrotonic lessons and the opportunity to experience freedom to move in ways they have never had before!


Not only will you be giving them the gift of health and vitality, you will be giving them a unique gift that until now, has never been taught in San Antonio.  

Gift Certificates can be purchased in any dollar amount and used toward any private Gyrotonic session, or if available, Gyrotonic group class.  Just give us a call and we will have your Gift Certificate sent electronically to the recipient with any special note you may want to include. 

What could be easier?


 They can can be purchased in any dollar amount and used for private sessions, duets and group classes.

             We Have Another New Instructor!                         

We are very happy to announce we have added yet another Apprentice Instructor to the 5th Line Movement and Fitness Gang!!


Brittany Finely recently moved here from out of state with her husband, and just completed the phase of Gyrotonic instructor training which allows her to be an Apprentice Gyrotonic Instructor.  A Zumba and Latin Dance Instructor since 2009, Brittany understands movement very well and will be a great addition to our team!   

A more detailed bio along with Brittany's picture can be found on the Instructor page of this website.  

Booking sessions with

an Apprentice Instructor is a great way to try Gyrotonic Exercise and discover its many benefits at a

significantly lower price

than working with a Certified or Senior Instructor.  

Our two Apprentice Instructors, Kaylie and Brittany,

each need to complete 60 hours of teaching before they can move onto the final two steps toward becoming fully certified Level 1 Gyrotonic Instructors.  In order to be apprentice instructors, Kaylie and Brittany have already each completed at least 136 hours of combined classroom and hands on training with a Master Gyrotonic Instructor.  They have a solid foundation to work from and now just need to teach, teach, and teach to reach the next level in their training.  


When you book a private session or join a class taught by an apprentice instructor, it's easier on your pocket book and they get the teaching hours they must have.

So if you are healthy overall, with no major pain issues or injuries -- working with an apprentice may be the ideal way to become familiar and introduce yourself to Gyrotonic Exercise at a greatly reduced price.

(Please note that individuals with major musculoskeletal dysfunction issues, chronic pain, chronic injuries or are transitioning from physical therapy /rehabilitation must work with either a Certified or Senior Instructor. 

Simply click on the "Prices" tab in the menu

at the top of the page to get pricing on sessions/classes with apprentices.