Studio News and Updates

It's official -- 5th Line Movement and Fitness is moving to a studio near the Pearl Brewery and will be open for business June 15, 2020!! 

The new studio address is 1700 N. Main Ave., Suite 104, San Antonio, TX 78244.  The space is currently being remodeled for us and we are so excited to open!!  Pictures of the space will be uploaded as the remodel nears completion at the end of May. 


When we open at our new location we will be adding additional services including Yoga, Polynesian Dance and TRX® We are currently updating the website and our scheduling / booking system to add these new services.  Everything should be complete by the last week of May, so please check back here to find all the details about these exciting new services we will be offering when we re-open in June. 


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We are very excited to announce the 

addition of two new instructors to the studio! 


Yuki is a Certified Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Instructor who has been working at the one of the biggest and most well respected studios in NY for the past 5 years.  She and her husband just relocated to SA in January 2020.


Kaylie is a Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor who has been working in several of the best studios offering Gyrotonic Exercise and Pilates in the Seattle area for the past couple of years.  She is certified in Mat, Reformer, Chairs, Barrels and Cadillac.  Kaylie just recently began training to become a Certified Gyrotonic Instructor. She currently works for our studio as a Gyrotonic Apprentice.

Yuki's and Kaylie's pictures and bios can be found on the Instructor page of this website.  They look forward to meeting and working with you!

We are offering FREE, live, online GYROKINESIS® Classes 3 times per week through then end of May!  The classes are open to anyone and everyone who would like to learn or continue their practice of this amazing method of movement.  If you are new to Gyrokinesis exercise, this is a great opportunity to try it out for FREE before we open again June 15th and you have to start paying for the classes! Plus, because Gyrokinesis was the precursor to the creation of GYROTONIC® exercise on specialized equipment, participation in these free, online classes will enable you to experience, learn, and retain many of the movement patterns performed during a Gyrotonic session before you even step foot in the door.  You'll literally be one step ahead in the game!  

Class Schedule:
Mondays, 12pm CT / 1pm ET
Tuesdays, 11am CT / 12pm ET
Thursdays, 4pm CT / 5pm ET
(Each class will be 60min.) 

Monday classes will start with self-massage and simple breathing patterns to awaken the body. We will be seated on a stool to mobilize the spine through a series of arching, curling, side arching and spiraling movements. *Please prepare a towel which has a length or scarf (preferably not too stretchy) and wash your hands before the self-massage and especially for our faces.

Tuesday classes will start by mobilizing the spine through a series of arching, curling, side bending and spiraling movements on a stool, then continue to work lying on the mat. I will break down some movements to get a deep stretch but it's still a full body workout.

Thursday classes are recommended after experiencing either a Monday and/or a Tuesday class a few times. We will focus on strengthening the abdominals after mobilizing the spine and a full body workout similar to Tuesday's class.

To Join The Classes:
You will need to log onto ZOOM (the client meeting version) via the app if you are using a smart phone or ipad or the ZOOM website if you are on a laptop or desktop computer.
Meeting ID: 872 590 6395
Password: Move


Please note: if you are late joining the class the instructor, Yuki, will not be able to properly welcome you to class nor will she be able to hear you as once the class is underway all participants are muted.  So please make every effort if you are joining in online to join 5-10 min early so Yuki can welcome you, answer any pre-class questions you may have, and ensure you are not having any technical issues.  This will really give you the best return on your time.