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Polynesian dancing is a fun and unique way for people of all ages* and fitness levels to get a great total body workout!  Basically, if you can stand on your own two feet, you can learn to dance Polynesian- style. 

Polynesian dancing is an excellent method of exercise because it incorporates many movements patterns that are neglected in our day-to-day lives including side-to-side (lateral) movement, body waves and the full range of hip movements.  Practicing these movements can help create muscular balance in the body;  help you move more efficiently, easily and gracefully in your everyday activities; and even improves higher brain function as the brain works to reintegrate these movements within the body.  Polynesian dancing is also great for increasing endurance, aerobic capacity, coordination and balance. 

And more good news --  you don't need to have any prior dance experience!  Class participants will learn easy to perform dance moves and sequences.  Set to traditional Hawaiian and Tahitian island drumbeats and music, this class will leave you feeling like you’ve taken an excursion to the tropics! 


* Participants must be at least 16 years of age


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