What is Ruh Booty ?

Ruh Booty is a completely natural, aromatherapuetic blend of  flowers, leaves, oils and herbs.  Aromatherapy has been used since 3000 b.c. by ancient cultures that recognized the value of botanicals and aromatic plants in promoting health and well being of the body, mind and emotions.  Studies indicate aromatherapy as efficaciousness in bringing positive cognative, psychological and physical changes including iessening of symptoms like anxiety, restlessness, excitability and depression as it gets absorbed through the skin and respiratory system. The influence of aroma on the brain through the olfactory system enhances energy levels, brings relaxation and reduces anxiety. Ruh booty is prepared on these principles of aromatherapy to create synergy within the body and gently activate the body’s own healing energies.Ruh Booty is for external use only and is not a medicine, cosmetic or perfume. Ruh Booty will not stain skin or clothing.


How To Use: 

Take a small pinch of Ruh Booty just equal to the knob of the accompanying plastic scoop and place it in your palm. Rub Ruh Booty in between both palms, over your hair and anywhere on your body you wish.

Ruh Booty

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