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"This is the most wonderful fitness studio. The senior instructor, Jenny,  is teaching me and healing me in a gentle way. She's helping me correct the unbalanced way I walk, stand and sit.

At 71, I need my core to be stable to protect me. I have been in a lot of pain lately but after four sessions

with Jenny I not only feel and see the changes in my core, but the pain is gone. The equipment Jenny uses at 5th Line Movement and Fitness is amazing and helps guide and support my natural movement while strengthening me.  I will continue my class to reach other goals. Thank you Jenny for your care, and expertise."



"Jenny Roberts has tremendous knowledge about the human body, health, and fitness. She helped me with both back and hip issues after I had three hip replacements. When I was still walking with a walker, she took me to a swimming pool and helped me walk with a water belt around my waist. Although I had always been a good

swimmer, I was afraid to let go of the side of the pool. She gave me the courage to let go and helped me walk. The people watching clapped when they saw her help me. She is very patient and explains things in a way I can understand. She has helped me as much as any physical therapist has. 


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"I hired Jenny as my personal trainer several years ago to help get me in shape for a military physical fitness test. 


I had let myself get out of shape and was nervous about passing the required test, used in part to determine fitness for duty as well as promotability, and which had recently been revised and difficulty raised. I only had 6 weeks from the time Jenny and I began working together until I would take the test which

consisted of a timed 1.5 mile run, number of sit-ups in a minute, and total number of push-ups that can be performed in succession without stopping.


At first I could barely do 10 qualifying sit-ups, was not able to do one qualifying push-up and was only able to run about 1/2 mile without stopping. I really didn’t enjoy exercise and I absolutely hated running.


Jenny was patient, and encouraging and helped me keep going during training sessions when I felt like giving up.  She was always right there with me – teaching me proper technique, helping me understand why we were doing what we were so I could “coach” myself better on days I trained alone, keeping me on pace, helping me become more aware of my body, teaching me how to use visualization techniques and affirmations to get my mind in the right place, showing me I could do more physically than I ever thought, and providing comic relief along the way. 


Amazingly, I found I actually began looking forward to my runs. When it was time to take the test, Jenny came and coached / cheered me on. Just hearing her yell for me gave me extra strength to give it my all and leave nothing on the table.  In the end I scored an 89% with 44 qualifying sit-ups, 41 qualifying push-ups, and a 15 minute and 3 second 1.5 mile run time! I was ecstatic! And, not only did I pass my test with flying colors, I lost 13 pounds and 3 inches around my waist!  I also gained a new confidence that I never felt before.


Jenny inspired me so much that six months after my fitness test I become a certified Zumba instructor and began helping pass on the gift of health and fitness to others. I continued to run and even began running races! Years and many races later, I still love running and think of Jenny often while doing so. And Jenny continues to help others learn to enjoy movement and exercise, how to get the mind and body in tune with one another, push beyond self-imposed limits, and live better, healthier lives.  I can never thank her enough for everything she did for me and I hope you’ll be able to say that one day too."    


Fall 2019

When Kathy first started working with me in the late summer of 2019 she was in pain all the time --  everywhere.  After a few months of working with her we identified a number of contributing factors that were causing her to experience the pain she did.  One of them was her feet.  The top picture was taken in the Fall 2019 with Kathy lying in reclined, relaxed position letting her feet "do what they naturally do".  She had no idea she had such a high degree of supination and medial rotation of the ankle and foot.  I explained that there were many things that we could address and help, such as, hips, shoulders, back, etc, but that if we didn't address her feet and get them in a proper position,


It took some convincing and some time, but once she understood the connection and started feeling the difference in her body as her feet improved she was sold.  She worked hard everyday to do the exercises and stretches I asked her to. And she continued to faithfully see me for an in-person, private session once a week.  The second picture below the first was taken in March 2021. The difference from the first picture is remarkable. 


Kathy is more stable, has much better balance and walks with less pain and a brisker gait. She used to have a tendency to rock back back on her heels, but no more.   Getting her  feet in a better position wasn't the only thing that helped Kathy get to where she is now, but it was an important part of the puzzle. 


Her remarks when I showed Kathy the pictures of her feet then and now next to each other: "Wow! I really didn't realize the difference.  It's really significant." 


Kathy continues to come for private sessions each week and puts the time and effort in each day doing her "home work" to help herself look and feel better and better. Hopefully, these pictures and her story will be an inspiration to  others with similar issues they didn't think they could ever overcome.  

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                                we would never be able to do anything to ease her pain substantially.  After all, the feet are literally the foundation up which  our bodies are stacked, and if they are askew, other parts of the body will be too.  


"Jenny is a great coach with a wealth of fitness knowledge. She taught a pool fitness class for 20 of us that was low impact, high energy and very fun. Whatever your fitness or recovery needs, I’m sure Jenny will have a solution tailored to your needs."


"When I met Jenny I had pain and limited range of motion in both shoulders, could not raise my left arm over my head and was having trouble walking due to pain in my knees -- all issues resulting from injuries and muscle imbalances I acquired during decades of elite

level fencing competition. 


I had been swimming in an effort to rehab my shoulder, but it was painful and I was only achieving minimal success.  I had also been attending a group Pilates mat class on a regular basis. I met Jenny when the Pilates instructor teaching the class left and Jenny took over in her place.  Jenny taught a different style of Pilates from the previous instructor and within the first couple of classes Jenny explained and showed some important Pilates fundamentals I had not been taught before which greatly improved my ability to perform exercises correctly and enhanced my enjoyment of Pilates.


Within a month of attending Jenny's group mat class and discussing some of my physical aches, pains and limitations, I decided to try some one-on-one sessions with her utilizing the Pilates reformer and the Pilates stability chair.  Within another 2-3 months of twice weekly private sessions I had much less pain in my shoulder, more range of motion and more strength which allowed me to swim further and relatively pain-free. Likewise, the pain in my knees was reduced which allowed me to resume more regular and pain-free walks and the ability to work a full day at job with decreased pain, stiffness and tiredness at the end of the day.


Jenny also made me aware of some poor postural and compensatory movement habits I had developed as a result of my injuries and how through increased body awareness I could detect and correct those habits.  At that point, Jenny suggested I try her group reformer class.


Our participation in her classes led to improved flexibility, strength, endurance, body awareness, body posture, overall ability to do more enjoyable leisure activities, to resume competitive fencing which I had previously been forced to discontinue due to pain, to travel more, and to work at my job with more enjoyment, less pain and less stress than I had in years."

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