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These are the thickest, most durable mats made of the most eco-friendly materials at the best price around.  

Balls for exercise and myofascial release, peanuts and cones for myofascial and trigger point muscle release and related accessories -- all made with the most durable, non-toxic, eco-friendly materials at the best price points.

Top quality body rollers for exercise and all-over body myofascial release.  Rollers vary in shape, size, material and density but all made with the most durable, non-toxic, eco-friendly materials available and again, the best price points for the quality.

The head (or cranium), and the pelvis (or sacrum), are inextricably connected to one another.  These devices will assist in getting the head and pelvis in the correct position while providing myofascial and trigger point muscle relief. When a cranial device is used at the same time as a sacral device the results are even more amazing as the spine is literally put in a state of traction from "head to tail" and the dural tube -- a  sheath that encases the spine -- is allowed to stretch as it should.  Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!

The feet are one of the most important, yet overlooked, parts of the body.  The feet are literally the foundation on which our body stands and when the feet are out of whack due to tightness in the fascia (plantar fascitis), tightness in the calves, misalignment and/or malformation of the toes, or poor fitting shoes those problems work themselves up the chain in the body eventually negatively affecting ankles, knees, hips, and even the ribcage.

Yoga blocks and straps are the perfect way to help you stretch and maintain certain stretches you might normally not be able to maintain on your own due to balance issues, lack of flexibility, etc. 

Resistance bands can be used for exercise or to increase body proprioception and awareness as in breathing exercises. 

When people experience trauma of any sort, be it physical, mental and/or emotional,

that trauma is literally "stored in the body's tissues" until it is able to be released and resolved. 

The books listed here have helped hundreds of thousands of people cope with and recover from

physical pain in the body caused by trauma.

Pelvic floor dysfunction and pain was, until recently, a taboo  subject ascribed only to women, but more often ignored and/or dismissed by healthcare professionals entirely.  Now, however, pelvic floor dysfunction and pain experienced by both women and men caused by various things including child-birthing injuries, sports injuries, medical procedures,  and falls and accidents have become a topic of major focus in the medical and health and wellness fields.  There are now many treatment options for pelvic floor dysfunction and pain including specialized physical therapy, specialized exercise such as Gyrotonic Exercise, in-office medical procedures by pelvic floor specialists, and behavioral and cognitive therapies.  Now there are also a number of tools such as these presented here that can be used at home to self-treat or help oneself home-treat as an adjunct to any or all other therapies and treatments by medical and health and wellness professionals.