Photo / Video Gallery

Hopefully you have checked out the Video Libraries in the menu tab at the top of the page here on our site and have had

the opportunity to see and hear people from all walks of life, ages and abilities enjoying the practice of the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Methods of Movement and hear their individual testimonies on how it benefits them.  However,

we want to highlight our clients here at 5th Line and give them an opportunity to show and share their experiences in

our studio with others too in a way that words alone cannot convey. 

It's true that a picture (or video) says a thousand words.

Therefore, if  you are a client and would like to be included in our photo / video gallery please download,

complete and return our photo / video release form via email, or bring it with you into the studio.

 We appreciate your willingness to share and encourage others that they too can easily do and benefit from the methods we teach!

A student performs the “Frog” and “Reverse Dolphin”. This was only his second time on the Pulley Tower Unit, but the fluidity he performs the movements with looks like he’s been doing Gyrotonic Exercise for years.  Because he comes from a swimming background, and Gyrotonic Exercise is based on many principles from swimming, Thai Chi, yoga and dance, he’s a natural.


When asked how he felt afterward he stated,

"Prior to my session I was having excruciating lower back pain. Afterward I had almost instant relief because of the traction the machine provided,  the positions it allowed my spine to rest and open up in, and then the ability to move through my entire range of motion without and compression which helped to align and open my back up even more.”   

We have more pictures and videos to share, we just have to find the time to put them on here!  We also feature these

pictures and videos on social media, particularly on our Instagram account.

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