What Makes 5th Line Movement and Fitness Different?




First and foremost, 

we are the  only studio in San Antonio  offering GYROTONIC® Exercise, GYROKINESIS® Exercise 


We specialize in restoring, rebuilding and rebalancing the body three dimensionally from the inside out using carefully choreographed, flowing movements and methods you won't find anywhere else in San Antonio.



5th Line Movement and Fitness was founded by fitness expert and instructor Jennifer Roberts to help people move, to do it in a way they have never had the opportunity to do before, and to learn to love it as much as she does.  She expressly wanted it to be a safe place where any person of any age and level of physical function could come and move freely under the guidance of expert instructors without fear of injuring or re-injuring themselves.  She also wanted it to be a place where already fit individuals could be challenged in new and exciting ways to create symmetry within the body, lengthen and strengthen their bodies from the inside out, and reach peak performance -- whether that be in another sport / activity or just performing their best in everyday life.  And, she wanted it to be a place where people could have fun, nurture their spirit and soul as well as their body, find community with like-minded individuals, and be inspired in all areas of life through principles taught at her studio.   


Movement is essential to a person's well-being and without it, people slowly and quite literally, die.  Simply put, the body was designed to move.  Movement and exercise should be fun and enjoyable, not drudgery.  If you don't enjoy the exercise you are doing, you're definitely not going to get what you want out of it and you will probably start and stop many times over.  At 5th Line Movement and Fitness we want to get people moving -- in whatever manner is possible for them -- and to make it something they enjoy and look forward to doing for the rest of their lives.  That's  the way to a truly healthy mind and body.


Our top priority is always the needs of their client -- not our own.  You will never have a class where our instructors are working out beside you the whole time and simply "allowing" you to go along for the ride.  Our classes are purposely kept small so our instructors are able to give each student attention and guidance.  We also meet you at YOUR level each and every time you walk in the door because we work from a wholistic point of view where there is no separation between mind and body.  You body affects your mind and your mind affects your body and they both change on a daily basis.  Your mind and body today are different today than they were yesterday, and they and will be different tomorrow too.  We therefore do not judge clients or their progress according to where WE think you should be.  Some days you may have more energy or focus and be able to really push and challenge yourself, yet other days you may not and need a more subdued approach.  Understanding this concept allows us to truly meet you where you are and help you make much greater overall gains in your health and fitness, over a shorter period of time, than you would otherwise. 


Lastly, Jenny and all the instructors working here truly care.  We care about your total well-being and you as a person.  We are always kind and respectful.  We want you to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it when you are here.  We want to partner with you -- not intimidate you.  And we want to see you be the best you can be. 

When you come to 5th Line Movement and Fitness you will find your best you.  You'll learn to enjoy and understand movement and fitness the way it is meant to be.  You'll feel empowered, inspired, stronger, more integrated and at one with yourself.  We look forward to seeing you soon!


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